Alex3D’s Shiporama

Alex3D’s Shiporama

I created a shiporama of all the models I built. The size relations are close to real or canon, Despite the controversy of the Kelvin timeline’s Enterprise scale I considered it to be 366m long.

How I made it? Well, I exported all models to Redshift proxies and loaded all into the main scene. The advantage is that Cinema4D had not to handle billions of polygons because the content of an RS proxy will only be loaded when it comes to render.

All ships got focussed by an individual camera. Cinema4D has a nice tool called morph camera. This is a “virtual” camera where I can load in all my cameras and it create a smooth path from the first to the last. The rest is key framing the path.

To not have to render ages for all 2475 frames I set the resolution to 1280×720 and set no GI. The scene is lit by a dome light with an HDR which cast an nice 360° illumination.

Some models have a glitch with theit registry decals, which seem to be caused by the RS proxy not handling the alpha texture correctly.

Screencap of the scene:


  1. Jason Adank

    Very good work Alex, great job with the models and seeing them in scale next to each other is interesting. I must confess, I always found the TNG resizing of the spacedock to be a hokey solution to the demand that the D be able to enter it STIII style. Andy Probert recommended against it, advocating the idea of the D docking along side it instead. I think that would have been better, or just design a new station. I rolled my eyes when I saw this on screen back in the 80s

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