New download available !

New download available !

Clap your hands everyone, the Enterprise B is finally up.
Load it, render it and share your images.

Note: Unfortunatly I forgot to put the textures for the saucer registries into the tex-archive. The bad thing is that I lost them completely. I had to re-do them, so you need to slightly adjust the UVs of that little part in order to fit the texture nicely again.

Note#2: I deleted all project PSDs by accident and I am so angry about this. You need to try to create a specular map for the engineering section from the color map. May be I will completely re-do the engineering textures on sunday.
Update: I was able to recover the deleted files, but all of them are damaged and can’t be opened (filesize seems okay). If someone knows a useful file repair software please let me know.


  1. Andrew March

    Hey Alex, excellent as always mate but the .Obj version has no UV co ordinates, so you can’t apply the textures and the registry images won’t line up without them either.

  2. larraq01

    As always, very impressive model, sir! Thank you for sharing one of the best ships in the fleet… personally, I love the refit additions that the Enterprise-B debuted. so I’m very glad to see such a quality model released.

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