Ournal Spacedock

Ournal Spacedock

The Ournal Spacedock is finally done. It comes with interiors for the main hangar.

Polygon count is nearly 1,5 million and there are about 325 megabyte of PNG textures.

All shading and lighting is done in Redshift. The main hangar has a lot of lights, so I baked them into a 16bit EXR light and GI map for faster renders.

Play with it, share your renders and don’t forget to credit me. Check the menu for the download page.

If you like to share your own great conversion, your very welcome to host it here.


  1. Henry Gibbens

    First up, many thanks for the release of this model. It should be appearing in a scene in the “Yorktown: A Time to Heal” fan film with appropriate credits. You mentioned a baked lighting GI map for the interior – is this included in the texture archive?

      1. Henry Gibbens

        Many thanks for the reply! For the shot I need, I’ve been able to bake out a localised HDRi map using Redshift’s spherical camera – should do the trick.

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