Making of “Refitting”

Making of “Refitting”

Let me show you a little making of of my latest render “Refitting”.

The terrain
I did not want to recreate the exact look of the episode’s terrain, but a more open environment. I used the app World Creator for this task. It’s a very handy app with a lot of filters, that let you create and texture realistic looking landscapes.
For my purpose I only exported a grey scale height map to drive the terrain displacement and a splat map for the gound and rock textures.
Sky and sun is provided by Redshift.
For the clouds I used a simple plane with a noise in the refraction slot as I only needed their shadows.

This is the Redshift shader graph for my terrain material. I am using here three different materials with different distributions. 
Rock material for the rocky mountains at high slope.
Sand material for the ground at low slope.
Gravel material sitting in the slope bases and filtered by a noise.
To reduce repetition I rotated a copy of each texture by 60° and blended them in with a noise mask.

I wasn’t really happy with the overall look of the textures I created back then. So I did some major updates:

new ground colour tone that matches the colour of the physical studio model
new subtle grunge layer
new subtle hull plating
improved nacelle UVs

Here is a short clip to explain the layers:

Also I modeled some additional stuff like the warp coils and interior struts.

And last but not least I built the Type 9 (or 12 ??) shuttle.

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