Das Raumschiff Enterprise (NX-01) unter Captain Archer aus der Serie “Star Trek Enterprise”

  • Klasse: NX
  • Länge: 225m
  • Besatzung: 81 Personen


  • Polygone:
  • Texturen:



  1. excalibers_echo

    You are a very talented artist, thank for making some of your work available it goes a long way to inspire others to learn… I have your sovereign, look forward to the voyager and really cant wait to see the NX 01…

    I am know way as good as you guys, but thanks to you efforts my skills in 3d max have come a long way… Thanks

  2. excalibers_echo

    Thank you for making your sovereign class available, it really does help us to learn to set scenes and lights and create art.. Thank you very much…

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