Das Raumschiff Enterprise (NX-01) unter Captain Archer aus der Serie “Star Trek Enterprise”

  • Klasse: NX
  • Länge: 225m
  • Besatzung: 81 Personen


  • Polygone:
  • Texturen:



  1. Charles Nugent

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful models with us. They are very beautiful. You truly are an inspiration for learning more and trying to do good…. truly skilled and excellent work.

  2. excalibers_echo

    Thank you for making your sovereign class available, it really does help us to learn to set scenes and lights and create art.. Thank you very much…

  3. excalibers_echo

    You are a very talented artist, thank for making some of your work available it goes a long way to inspire others to learn… I have your sovereign, look forward to the voyager and really cant wait to see the NX 01…

    I am know way as good as you guys, but thanks to you efforts my skills in 3d max have come a long way… Thanks

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