New project: Vulcan ships for Star Trek – Horizon

New project: Vulcan ships for Star Trek – Horizon

This is my current project: A nice guy named Tommy Kraft asked me to model three Vulcan vessels for his really high sophisticated fan movie project “Star Trek – Horizon”. I always liked the Vulcan design, so started with the Sh’Ran class three weeks ago.

Check out Star Trek – Horizon on the official website or on Facebook


  1. Doug Drexler

    Hi Alexander! I love this. The Sh’ran was my design. It was underused on the show. It was a salute to Matt Jefferies remarkably far thinking “ring ship”.

    FYI, Eden FX left a piece off of the bottom of the dorsal. It wasn’t meant to end flat, but rather as a lit, elongated cone.

    Just wanted to say hi. If you want to feature any of you Vulcan ship building on my FB page, I’d dig hosting it.

    Doug Drexler

    1. Chris B.

      Thanks for the info on the Sh’ran Doug. That Vulcan ship rox.

      Recently found your FB and happy too see posts for ENT from the old DREX website.

      ps. wish the ENT photos had better res. Kicks the 4k monitor

  2. trekki

    Hi Alex,
    jetzt weiß ich was Du so die letzte Zeit gemacht hast. Spitzohren Schiff modeliert. Super!
    Die D´Kyr hab ich schon als Objekt, damals in 3DS Max Format. War ziemlich Kniffelig die
    ins C4D Format zu bekommen. Hab es dann mit Hilfe eines Freundes dann irgenwie hin bekommen.
    Schönes Wochenende

    1. Alexander Klemm

      hab versucht dir emails zu schreiben, aber der Server von Unitymedia hat (hatte?) anscheinend Probleme, weil mein Mailserver seit letztem Wochenende nicht mehr mit ihm verbinden kann. Hast du meine Mails inzwischen bekommen?

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