USS Enterprise (2009)

USS Enterprise (2009)

Das Raumschiff Enterprise aus den Filmen “Star Trek” (2009) und “Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013). Den Shuttle Hangar habe ich ebenfalls modelliert und ist ins Schiffsmodell integriert.

  • Klasse: Constitution
  • Größe: 366 m Länge


  • Polygone:
  • Texturen:



  1. Guillaume

    Great work i can see in pictures. I work on After Effect, so i only can use .obj or .e3D file.
    Is it possible to have this Enterprise in .obj (with textures), or, fi you know Element 3D, i e3D with rigged animations ?? (If you want and can convert and give me download link, be sure to be credited on my little animations). I’m trying to prepare a Star Trek fan film for the 50th anniversary.
    Thanks and good continuations.

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