USS Enterprise (2009)

Das Raumschiff Enterprise aus den Filmen “Star Trek” (2009) und “Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013). Den Shuttle Hangar habe ich ebenfalls modelliert und ist ins Schiffsmodell integriert.

  • Klasse: Constitution
  • Größe: 366 m Länge


  • Polygone:
  • Texturen:



  1. Guillaume

    Great work i can see in pictures. I work on After Effect, so i only can use .obj or .e3D file.
    Is it possible to have this Enterprise in .obj (with textures), or, fi you know Element 3D, i e3D with rigged animations ?? (If you want and can convert and give me download link, be sure to be credited on my little animations). I’m trying to prepare a Star Trek fan film for the 50th anniversary.
    Thanks and good continuations.

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