USS Voyager

USS Voyager

I call the Voyager ‘done’. She turned out pretty well, especially the textures.
Here are some stats about the model:
– 1,135,302 polygons
– 20 lights
– Two 4k texture maps (main hull and pod hatches), two 3k textures maps (details and other hull parts), six 2k texture maps (interiors, aerowing)
– 4 modeled low resolution interior sets (ready room, briefing room, Janeway’s quarters and mess hall)

In the near future I will model and rig some extras like the aerowing and the landing legs (which are already in progress).

Although the model is finsihed, it isn’t still ready for a release. So please be patient.


    1. Alexander Klemm

      Thank you!
      Before I started to shape the main hull I draw splines along the correct phaser strip and grid lines to have an orientation for the slopes of the upper saucer.

  1. trekki

    Hi Alex,
    sehr schön das Objekt. Die Texturen sind wieder ertse Sahne.
    Übrigens , das mit den Lande Füßen hat geklappt. Ich rendere gerade eine kurze Anim.

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