USS Voyager

USS Voyager

I call the Voyager ‘done’. She turned out pretty well, especially the textures.
Here are some stats about the model:
– 1,135,302 polygons
– 20 lights
– Two 4k texture maps (main hull and pod hatches), two 3k textures maps (details and other hull parts), six 2k texture maps (interiors, aerowing)
– 4 modeled low resolution interior sets (ready room, briefing room, Janeway’s quarters and mess hall)

In the near future I will model and rig some extras like the aerowing and the landing legs (which are already in progress).

Although the model is finsihed, it isn’t still ready for a release. So please be patient.


  1. trekki

    Hi Alex,
    sehr schön das Objekt. Die Texturen sind wieder ertse Sahne.
    Übrigens , das mit den Lande Füßen hat geklappt. Ich rendere gerade eine kurze Anim.

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