Vulcan ships done!

Finally I made it, all three ships are done (well, since a couple of weeks, I haven’t updated my blog since then. shame on me)
Check out the images and the upcoming trailer for Star Trek Horizon featuring the ships.


      1. Hi, ich will wirklich nicht nerven, aber gibt es hier Vortschritte? Wäre toll wenn ich bis Weihnachten den 3D-Druck hinbekähme, dann könnte ich wärend der freien Tage um die Bemahlung kümmern. Wäre ein super Weihnachtsgeschenk von dir 😉


  1. Wow that would be awesome, I’m looking for a good model of the Vahklas for a long time now. Unfortunately my modelling skills are not as good to make one myself. I want it to 3D print it for my tabletop fleet. There is currently no miniature available to buy. So an .stl or .obj would be great.


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