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That’s me 🙂

My name is Alexander Klemm (aka “nightfever” or “nightfever77” in the forums) and I am born at March,26 1977.

In the year 2000 I moved from Germany to Austria and since then I am living in the green belt of Vienna.

This is my priate blog where I will show you my big hobby: Modeling, Texturing and Rendering in Maxon’s Cinema 4D. But also image editing in Adobe’s After Effects and Photoshop.
Before I started with CGI I built physical models of Star Trek starships and drawed images by hand (Fine Arts was my favorite school subject). All because I like Science Fiction and I am a big fan of Star Trek.

I began using Cinema 4D in the year 2003 or so. Because CGI and Cinema 4D was all new to me, I started with rendering other people’s models. In my gallery you will find most of these older images that I did but also the newer ones. On every image you have a credit to the modeller of the used models.
A couple of years ago I got a request by the maker of the official “Star Trek – Ships Of The Line” calendar. He said he likes my images and asked me to contribute renders for his upcoming calendar. I declined because of the lack of own models. My claim was: When I do this, I do this with my own models.
Later on I started to model.
Under the categories ‘WIP’ and ‘Finished models’ you will find all the models building and built by myself and updates of my progress.

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For any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me.

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