Deep Space 9 Download

Deep Space 9

Mesh created in Cinema 4D R15
Textures created in Photoshop CS6, CC

Required credits on all images:
Model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Required credits on conversions and modifications:
Original model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Lightwave conversion (DS9 LW) by Matt Christou.

Free for private use. For commercial use please contact me.

IMPORTANT: The files do only contain 1/3 of the rings an one docking pylon. I hope C4D exported the polygon groups correctly, so that you just have to make 2 resp. 5 copys or instances of those 4 groups: habitat ring, docking ring, bridges between them, pylon.
If you have problems, please feel free to contact me.

Lightwave conversion (DS9 LW) by Matt Christou.

If you like this model and want to spend me a coffee, please


Deep Space 9_LW 134 MB 88 downloads

Contains the mesh for Lightwave …

Deep Space 9_FBX 37 MB 218 downloads

Contains the mesh in FBX …

Deep Space 9_OBJ 30 MB 197 downloads

Contains the mesh in OBJ …

Deep Space 9_Textures 144 MB 267 downloads

Contains the texures. …

Deep Space 9_3DS 11 MB 87 downloads

Contains the mesh for 3DStudio max …

Deep Space 9_C4D 13 MB 102 downloads

Contains the mesh for C4D …


    1. Christian

      Hi Alex,
      great work, amazing.
      was just bingewatching DS9 on Netflix, searched for a model and found yours.
      Textures work great in 3DS max, will now convert it in Blender.
      Thanks a lot and may the Prophets be with you!

    2. Jason Adank

      Your modeling work is exceptional Alex! Thank you for making your models available to download.

      I have two questions regarding this model. I am importing it into Maya, and I cannot determine which materials these two textures are to be connected to, and what their tiling settings should be – panels small.png and panels.bmp. I have used the same material naming convention as what in through the FBX file. My other question is with the Ops texture. The model has a glass window but no interior geometry. What is this texture connected to?

      1. Alexander Klemm

        Thank you very much for your donation!

        The ‘panels small.png’ and ‘panels.bmp’ were just temp files that I forgot to remove from the tex archive, I think.

        I made a simple geometry to mimic the OPS interior. Here is a screencap: Screencap

    3. cdl1701

      I would love to use your model to create a 3d printable version complete with removable sections to show interior parts. I am using Creo 3.0 and can import many file types but the only one that I can use that you currently have for download is the .obj and portions of it come in scaled different than others. The central core and portions of the promenade for example are about a 10th the scale of the OPS and docking ring. I have been looking for a model like this to generate a full solid model. Could you tell me what kind of file types you can export if you are willing? STEP, IGES, or any other solid model format? a .stl might work also.

    4. Mike Drennan

      Fantastic Work, Thank you. However I attempted to download the DS9 model for C4d and it was actually the Enterprise B. I would love to have the DS9 model, it looks incredible. Thank you again for all your hard work.

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