Enterprise A Download

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A (Constitution class)

Mesh created in Cinema 4D R20

  • 1.8 million polygons
  • including interiors: Lounge, Hangar (ST V variant), Casino
  • including Galileo 5 shuttle

Textures created in Photoshop CC and some free stuff.

C4D native benefits (Xpresso rigs):

  • Hangar doors animated through slider
  • Deflector lights animated through slider
  • Warp glow animated through slider
  • Torpedo fire glow animated through slider
  • Impulse engine glow animated through slider

Required credits on all images:
Model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Required credits on conversions and modifications:
Original model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Free for private use. For commercial use please contact me.

C4D format comes in two versions: one with Redshift materials (file name labeled _RS) and the other with C4D materials.

3DS Max (+Redshift materials) conversion by Marc Bell, Blender converion by Raffaello Grani. Please credit them when you publish your renders.

Textures need to be downloaded seperately.

If you like this model and want to spend me a coffee, please


1701-A_blend 235 MB 59 downloads

Contains the mesh and textures for Blender. Conversion by Raffaello Grani. …

Type 5 “Galileo” 19 MB 206 downloads

Contains FBX, OBJ, C4D format and textures. …

1701-A_MAX (Redshift) 145 MB 138 downloads

Contains the mesh in MAX with Redshift materials. …

1701-A_Textures 206 MB 508 downloads

Contains the textures. …

1701-A_C4D (Redshift) 33 MB 107 downloads

Contains the mesh in C4D and Redshift materials. …

1701-A_FBX 65 MB 413 downloads

Contains the mesh in FBX …

1701-A_OBJ 110 MB 372 downloads

Contains the mesh in OBJ …

1701-A_C4D 33 MB 160 downloads

Contains the mesh in C4D …


      1. Alexander Klemm

        It has to do with WordPress’ memory limit. The size of the file exceeds its limit since the latest update. So I increased it in the WP-config file, but it does not show any effect. I’ll do a new FBX export without built in textures.

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