Enterprise A (2016) Download

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A (alternate Universe)

Mesh created in Cinema 4D R18
Textures created in Photoshop CC

Required credits on all images:
Model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Required credits on conversions and modifications:
Original model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Free for private use. For commercial use please contact me.

(The Textures archive is needed for every format.)

If you like this model and want to spend me a coffee, please


1701-A (2016)_C4D 40 MB 101 downloads

contains the mesh in C4D …

1701-A (2016)_OBJ 53 MB 205 downloads

Contains the mesh in OBJ …

1701-A (2016)_FBX 118 MB 171 downloads

Contains the mesh in FBX …

1701-A (2016)_Textures 110 MB 265 downloads

Contains the Textures …

1701-A (2016)_3DS 41 MB 61 downloads

Contains the mesh in 3DS …

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