Enterprise-E Download

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Sovereign class)

Mesh created in Cinema 4D R15
Textures created in Photoshop CC

Required credits on all images:
Model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Required credits on conversions and modifications:
Original model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Free for private use. For commercial use please contact me.

For Cinema 4D Users:
Running lights and the yacht’s nacelles (user data slider on the yacht object) are rigged in Xpresso.

If you like this model and want to spend me a coffee, please


1701-E_Textures 78 MB 508 downloads

Contains the textures. …

1701-E_C4D 11 MB 163 downloads

Contains the mesh in C4D …

1701-E_DAE 30 MB 139 downloads

Contains the mesh in DAE …

1701-E_FBX 47 MB 420 downloads

Contains the mesh in FBX …

1701-E_OBJ 20 MB 434 downloads

Contains the mesh in OBJ …


    1. Brendan

      Beautiful models! Thank you for making them available.

      I am having some trouble with the materials importing to Blender 3.0, both on this and the Voyager model. Geometry is fine, UV mapping appears fine…but the colour, illumination and spec nodes don’t import. They are fine for the Ournal Starbase, which is the only other model I’ve tried importing.

      Not sure if this is something I’m doing wrong with an easy fix, or just new weirdness with Blender.

    2. Don Burch

      I opened the FBX version of the Enterprise-E model in Blender 2.8 and everything looks great. The attention to detail is fantastic! I was really surprised to see the Captain’s yacht can be a separate part.

    3. SteveM

      Ok, sorry Alex, I put my original comments on the wrong model page…. should be this one.

      Hi Alex. Fantastic models and textures. Been building animations and VR projects in Unity using your models. Been posting them on the 3D Sci-Fi Renders on Facebook. Just wanted to thank you again for making these available. Your Enterprise E model has been a joy to play around with and I’ve learned to appreciate this ship, as I never really took a deep look at it until this model. Keep up the great work and thanks again!!!

    4. HighKings_Ruin

      Hi Alex. I found that the mesh for the OBJ format is for the lack of a better word broken. I’ve re-downloaded it twice to make sure it wasn’t a bad download.

      Upon importing the mesh in both Blender and 3DS MAX it’s come out with almost every part of the mesh severally off center from were it should be.

      I’ve checked the FBX format though, and it seems to be fine. So I got around this by importing the FBX in to 3DS MAX and then exporting as an OBJ.

      ‘Just thought I’d share this information. G’Day.

    5. Sophia

      Hello Alex,

      I just wanted to leave a big thank you for all your wonderful work but in particular for this great model. I could never create such a replica and now I am able to play around with my favorite ship from Star Trek on Blender all thanks to you. Your work is an inspiration!

    6. Jordan Orlando


      Comparing your E to two others I’ve found, I’m, again, extremely impressed with the accuracy and precision of your work.

      There are only two problems with the model: 1) the textures issue with the bottom of the nacelles (mentioned above) and 2) the coloration on the “NCC-1701-E” registration is not correct; you’ve got it as all red rather than black with white and then red outlines. I was going to change this myself but I wanted to mention it to you.

      You know what would make me really happy? If you did an Enterprise A/”Refit” Enterprise.” You wouldn’t even have to start from scratch. There’s a model called the “Dennis Enterprise” floating around that’s extremely good (based on renders I’ve seen). The only problem (for me) is that I can’t seem to get the model from blender or Lightwave into Maya — it consistently sheds the textures on the way.

    7. Jordan Orlando

      Hey Alex, Jordan again. I’m continuing to enjoy your excellent work.

      Incidentally, if you remember I was having trouble with the normals on your Enterprise D, a few days ago, from the .fbx file. There are no such problems with this model — so, whatever .fbx export you did this time (with the E) works better than whatever you did with the D (which created that problem).

      Is there supposed to be a texture called “nacelle_COL.png”? The “tex” directory doesn’t seem to have that. (Or maybe I’m misunderstanding something…but the nacelles show up black in my test renders.)


      1. Jordan Orlando

        And I just discovered that your Enterprise A has the same “randomized normals” problem. So the A and the D .fbx files have the problem and the E doesn’t (whatever that means about how you’re doing it).


    8. harley_mar

      Hi, Alex.

      I’m having a problem with the Enterprise-E models. When I import the model (both OBJ and C4D), the models always appear to be cut in half. I’d only be seeing one nacelle and half of the saucer section. I tried downloading the models multiple times but it doesn’t work. I used Cinema4D Lite and Element 3D to import the models, but unfortunately, they both have the same problem. Is there anything I/you can do to fix the issue?

      Here are screenshots of the issue:


      1. Alexander Klemm

        Looks like an issue with the symmetry objects. I am having these from time to time also. Deactivating and activating the symmetry always fixes this for me.

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