Enterprise (2009) Download

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (2009 Reboot aka JJprise)

Mesh created in Cinema 4D
Textures created in Photoshop

Required credits on all images:
Model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Required credits on conversions and modifications:
Original model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Free for private use. For commercial use please contact me.

If you like this model and want to spend me a coffee, please


1701 (2009)_C4D (Redshift) 10 MB 1 downloads

Contains the mesh in C4D (Redshift materials). Textures need to be dowloaded seperately. …

1701 (2009)_FBX 114 MB 245 downloads

Contains the mesh and textures in FBX. …

1701 (2009)_OBJ 32 MB 235 downloads

Contains the mesh in OBJ …

1701 (2009)_C4D 10 MB 111 downloads

Contains the mesh in C4D. Textures need to be dowloaded seperately. …

1701 (2009)_Textures 62 MB 326 downloads

Contains the textures. …


    1. Aaron Sharp

      This is a comment about the enterprise A (2016) I could not find a comment section on that one. If I load the FBX into blender do I have to unwrap everything manually? Nothing seems to match up texture wise. Even when I use the UV texture coordinate node.

    2. Sulphurous

      How can i change the color of the bussard collectors, or add a material to give the propellers a blue glow, or layer of glass to make it screen accurate like in ST:ID and ST: Beyond?
      I’ve played around with the materials and i can’t seem to get any kind of texture on it. The best i could do is put a texture behind it.

    3. Sulphurous

      What are the specific materials for the saucer named as? I need to adjust the reflections of the textures, but i don’t know to which material the textures are assigned to. I’d also like to know what causes those blurry blue lines along the saucer spine, which would otherwise be crisp.

      1. Sulphurous

        To elaborate on my previous comment, i would also like to ask what is the best way to adjust the brightness of the impulse engines. Do i adjust the material illumination strength? Luminance? Color brightness?

    4. Sulphurous

      Update: I downloaded the Jjprise-TEX and extracted it’s folder into the same folder location as the JJPrise C4D file, however i still get asset errors due to missing textures, which i cannot seem to find anywhere.

      pylon plates.png (pylons)
      material009.jpg (pump)
      rocket006.jpg (Mat.5)
      rocket006_spec.jpg (Mat.5)
      door004.jpg (Mat.4)
      floor020.jpg (brigde)
      floor020b.jpg (brigde)
      container003.jpg (crate)
      container004b.jpg (crate)
      settpod001.jpg (pump decal)
      control004.jpg (pump screen)
      rocket012.jpg (pipe)
      rocket012b.jpg (pipe)
      floor002.jpg (barrel)
      floor002b.jpg (barrel)
      hull013.jpg (bow)
      hull013.jpg (block)

        1. Sulphurous

          The problem is, when i click Display it won’t display anything other than the error. I don’t see anything exactly wrong with the shuttlebay textures when i looked at them, but i’d appreciate to know if i’m missing anything out as i do want to render some shuttlebay shots as i learn C4D.

    5. Sulphurous

      Hello, I’ve seen this model extensively ported to 3DS Max, how can i do this? I’m migrating from SFM to 3DS Max for higher polygon models, after seeing Chris Cunningham
      use it in his videos. I’m glad to see you are still active on this website.

    6. Alextheburger

      i have attempted to convert this to obj, but when i did, one of the buzzard collectors is all messed up
      do you know what’s wrong
      i only have the demo of c4d for a little longer
      thank you

      1. Alexander Klemm

        I don’t know what was going on there. In C4D I just mirrored the left nacelle to the right. Maybe some issue with the coordinates after converting the symmetry.
        Just copy the working bussard and move it to he other side.

    7. Kroppen

      I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but the new download buttons return an error (And read as 0.00KB, but that’s not important). If it’s a problem, can you fix it? If not, I’m an idiot somehow.


    8. Michael Woods

      Hallo lieber Alex
      Ich finde deine Arbeit hier bemerkenswert, nur leider ist mir aufgefallen das die Shuttlebay keine Texturen hat
      Könntest du diese bitte seperat oder noch adden in den Texture Folder ?!?!
      Wäre sehr nett von dir

    9. David Pence

      The detail is outstanding … I worked for Paramount for over 30 years, so I’ve managed to see some of the ‘official’ work, and this is right on par with it.

        1. WizardBenGaming

          Also when I render it I get this in a text box

          connector_COL.png (connector)
          connector_SPEC.png (connector)
          nacelle_COL.png (nacelle)
          nacelle_ILLUM.png (nacelle)
          nacelle_SPEC.png (nacelle)
          panels_COL.png (sec hull 3)
          panels_SPEC.png (sec hull 3)
          strut_COL.png (strut)
          strut_SPEC.png (strut)
          panels_COL.png (sec hull 4)
          panels_SPEC.png (sec hull 4)
          lower dome.png (bussard housing)
          lower dome_SPEC.png (bussard housing)
          panels_COL.png (sec hull 2)
          panels_SPEC.png (sec hull 2)
          Propeller.png (propelller)
          hump_COL.png (hump)
          hump_SPEC.png (hump)
          bussard dome.png (glass blue)
          engineering+neck__2__.png (sec hull main)
          engineering+neck__2__SPEC.png (sec hull main)
          pylon_new.png (pylons)
          pylon_SPEC.png (pylons)
          pylon plates.png (pylons)
          throat_COL.png (throat)
          throat_SPEC.png (throat)
          deflector housing_COL.png (deflector housing)
          deflector housing_ILLUM.png (deflector housing)
          deflector housing_SPEC.png (deflector housing)
          engineering front plate_COL.png (engineering front plate)
          engineering front plate_ILLUM.png (engineering front plate)
          engineering front plate_SPEC.png (engineering front plate)
          shuttlebay door_COL.png (shuttlebay door 1)
          Shuttlebay1_COL.png (Mat.2)
          material009.jpg (pump)
          rocket006.jpg (Mat.5)
          rocket006_N.jpg (Mat.5)
          rocket006_spec.jpg (Mat.5)
          door004.jpg (Mat.4)
          floor020.jpg (brigde)
          floor020_N.jpg (brigde)
          floor020b.jpg (brigde)
          container003.jpg (crate)
          container004b.jpg (crate)
          settpod001.jpg (pump decal)
          control004.jpg (pump screen)
          rocket012.jpg (pipe)
          rocket012b.jpg (pipe)
          floor002.jpg (barrel)
          floor002b.jpg (barrel)
          hull013.jpg (bow)
          hull013.jpg (block)
          NCC.png (NCC aft)
          interior1.jpg (räume.2)
          bridge1.jpg (räume)
          ed-sickbay-set.jpg (räume.1)
          aztec top.png (saucer top)
          saucer_SPEC.png (saucer top)
          aztec bottom.png (saucer bottom)
          saucer_SPEC.png (saucer bottom)
          aztec bottom.png (saucer3)
          saucer_SPEC.png (saucer3)
          aztec bottom.png (saucer2)
          saucer_SPEC.png (saucer2)
          lower dome.png (unten)
          lower dome_SPEC.png (unten)
          lower dome.png (unten2)
          lower dome_SPEC.png (unten2)
          lower dome.png (unten3)
          lower dome_SPEC.png (unten3)
          bridge2.jpg (bridge)
          corridor1.jpg (corridor)
          bridge_tail_COL.png (brigde_tail)
          bridge_tail_SPEC.png (brigde_tail)
          deck1_COL.png (deck1)
          deck1_SPEC.png (deck1)
          bracket_COL.png (bracket)
          bracket_SPEC.png (bracket)
          impulse_COL.png (impulse)
          impulse_ILLUM.png (impulse)
          impulse_SPEC.png (impulse)
          impulse_top_COL.png (
          impulse_top_SPEC.png (
          welle.png (phaser)
          hatch.png (hatch)
          hatch01_C.png (hatch01)
          hatch02_C.png (hatch02)
          hatch03_C.png (hatch03)
          hatch04_C.png (hatch04)
          hatch05_C.png (hatch05)
          hatch06_C.png (hatch06)
          hatch07_C.png (hatch07)
          hatch08_C.png (hatch08)
          hatch09_C.png (hatch09)
          hatch10_C.png (hatch10)
          hatch11_C.png (hatch11)
          hatch12_C.png (hatch12)

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