The Captain’s yacht

The Captain’s yacht

I finally finished the captain’s yacht of the Enterprise-E to detach it from the saucer. Its nacelles are rigged with Xpresso so that they move up or down, the illuminations are rigged to.

The entire yacht has about 295.000 polygons and a 4k main texture set (diffuse, bump, spec) and some smaller additional textures.

The final step now is to model the smooth fitting bay on the Enterprise’s saucer I hope I’ll get it finished untill Xmas.



  1. trekki

    Hallo Alex,
    die Yacht ist ja toll geworden. Bin auf das gesamt Objekt gespannt.
    Mußt Du noch die Yacht in die “E” einbauen ? Oder hast Du da schon was vorbereitet ?

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