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  1. deg3D

    Hey, nice work, great renders, brother! Can’t seem to find the “Downloads sub menu” you mention… lookin’ to take a peak at your beautiful Chariot-Class…

    peace & bananas | deg

  2. Michael Woods

    Hey Alex
    Deine Modelle sind einfach der Wahnsinn, ein gigantisches Lob zu all den Details
    Nur ist mir aufgefallen das bei der Abrams Enterprise immer noch die Texturen für die Shuttlebay fehlen
    Könntest du diese noch hinzufügen bitte ?!?!?!!
    Ganz liebes Dankeschön von mir für all die wundervollen Modelle die du erstellst
    Mach weiter so

  3. mangril3

    Hi Alex! Amazing work! Question regarding textures for jjprise, I have several missing textures, i tried relinking them with no success… Any suggestion, thank you again for your amazing contribution! Here is a list of the missing textures, also I re-downloaded said textures with same results.

    pylon plates.png (pylons)
    material009.jpg (pump)
    rocket006.jpg (Mat.5)
    rocket006_spec.jpg (Mat.5)
    door004.jpg (Mat.4)
    floor020.jpg (brigde)
    floor020b.jpg (brigde)
    container003.jpg (crate)
    container004b.jpg (crate)
    settpod001.jpg (pump decal)
    control004.jpg (pump screen)
    rocket012.jpg (pipe)
    rocket012b.jpg (pipe)
    floor002.jpg (barrel)
    floor002b.jpg (barrel)
    hull013.jpg (bow)
    hull013.jpg (block)

    Thanks again Alex!

      1. Fingolfin2811

        I fear this issue is not resolved and that I have the exact same issue (downloaded it today to check again). I’d love to have this problem solved.
        Save for that, really magnificent models and textures!

  4. mrlandos

    Hello Alex,

    Very impressed by your work, if you very want to do commission work let me know.
    Just let me know.
    Enjoy my donation in the mean time for a beer or two.


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