NX01 progress: Nacelles

NX01 progress: Nacelles

I am taking some time to bring NX01 forward. The nacelle is petty much done, ramaining some details.


    1. Amy Hancock

      I have only recently found your work and might I say it is quite amazing I had started my own NX project a few months back in open sim and a ds9 style station https://plus.google.com/wm/trollface-meme-troll-gif-pics-lol-funny/+TeslaCoyelAtekGridESQ/posts/Rd3qWsMCKKH
      I just have blender and sketchup atm so your ds9 dint quite make it into program lol ( I was curious if you were involved in opensim or any secondlife type worlds or be interested in presenting your work in such places) I would love use the promenade from DS9 if available seperaty but may have to see bout getting max to see it correctly

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