I am again and still tweaking my Earth renderings, mainly the atmosphere shader in Redshift.

The surface is pretty much straight foward: a ball with a surface shader that combines the land and ocean material. The dark side has a night light texture, but emission is set to 0 most of the time, because the city lights still look clumpy although the map is 43k.

The clouds shader is driven by Random Walk SSS with a pretty high scale and a light blueish color and a 32k texture in the opacity and displacement slot. Unfortunalty Redshift does not support volume displacement yet, so I am a bit jealous of the Blender clouds.

The atmosphere is a volume sphere with Redshift volume shader. It’s working pretty good, but I still see improvement potential with the egde fall off and the scattering on the dark side*. Any advice would be much much appreciated.

*Update: Fixed, sun shadow was set to 0.05 % transparency.

Here are the results so far

This is the Redshift atmosphere shader settings

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