Runabout Interiors

Runabout Interiors

I spent the last weeks on building a cockpit and lounge for my Runabout model to get rid of the empty and black windows.

Accuracy was again a little drama. offers very detailed plans of the cockpit’s stage parts with all meassurments. But if modeled according to this the cockpit would not fit into the model. What a surprise… So, I took a bit of artistic freedom to match the inside with the outside.

At least two cockpit variants can be seen on screencaps over the seasons. I decided to go with a mix but mainly with the later version where the transporter alcoven has been placed into the backroom because I think it does not make any sense to have a transporter platform in the cockpit. Second: it eats so much space. So I put the high desk at that place (which is silly too IMHO) as seen in the later seasons.

Here are some renders:


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