Galaxy Class Rebuilt #2

Galaxy Class Rebuilt #2

Rooms anyone?


  1. korax

    I am super excited to read about this! I’ve been searching for AGES for a model that is more accurate to the 6 feet model than to the other one, and of all the people, I can’t wait to take a look at your take on it. Good luck!

  2. Dave Angelini

    Well…that is just inspiring!

    I can only imagine the amount of work behind such detail and wonder how you stay motivated. I am building my own version of the Ournal Star Base and using ILM reference photos from Star Trek III, your work and the work of Robert Wilde (I have over 120 reference photos) and just lost steam on the interior of the station. So I am a complete admirer of both your output and its quality.

    Question: How will you be shading the completed exterior? I would imagine that when you model the rooms behind the portholes it invites extreme close-ups so either the textures used need to be high resolution (> 4K) or you are using procedural shaders. I would love to know your approach.

  3. Mike

    Holy hell that’s awesome… so did this ultimately have to be “idealized” in one direction or another? You said you were trying to better match the 6-footer, but also that the deck placement in your reference didn’t make sense because of the Duterium tank placement. What’d you end up doing there?

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