Galaxy Class Rebuilt

Galaxy Class Rebuilt

Okay, here I go for a round 2 on the Galaxy class.

I started the rebuilt of my favorite model because it needs an overhaul of the shape to better match the 6-footer and to get rid of misalignments in decks and window rows. The rebuild will also get full window boxes.

At the current state the saucer and engineering section shapes are ironed out and window and grid line placement has been started. Saucer addon structures like deck 1, bridge, hatches and phaser strips are done.

Against the references my deck layout between neck and engineering section is not continuouing. I think the break is where the deuterium tanks are located, the red area may contain any fully countable decks.


  1. Shadow

    Great to see you’re at it again as your models are always amazing. I am curious though. As 3D printing becomes more publically available for cheaper prices and better quality is printability something taken into consideration while creating this model?
    Yours is the best and most realistic work out there and seeing it as a physical object would indeed be awesome.

      1. Shadow

        That is something i could be able to help you with. Right now a friend and i am converting a 3D model of the Enterprice C to be printable. We as in He. I can’t take credit for it. My job is to point out design changes to make printing easier, the structures more stable and make cuts in the model that make sense for later reattachment since i am a modelbuilder and he ist not.
        I’ll attach a picture of the first testparts i printed for the C in scale 1/1000 with the nacelle of the AMT Enterprise B in same scale for reference
        Obviously it’s a different approach. Main differences we found:

        1: Models for animations are flat surfaces. And why wouldn’t they be? The animation does not care how thick walls are. A 3D printer however will not understand that. Everything has to be a solid body for the printer to recognize the part. (So animation – surface / print – body)

        2: We noticed that animation models don’t really are a good fit. Because in digital versions you can just shove parts into each other and that’s perfectly fine. A physical version however could obviously not have to pieces ocupy the same space.

        I want to stress this is not a “can you make me please?” request. I have an amazing Model of the D. I was just curious if that’s something you would be interested in. Using myself as a reference finishing a new model and holding it in my own 2 hands is always amazing. If it’s something you’d like to try your hand on we’d be happy to help. =)

        Have a good one.

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